Wolves Run Here…-NEW from The Secret Affair, Keystone, Junbug, & Alchemy!

We  RP opens July 31st!

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha Is CLOSED

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is CLOSED

The Fantasy Room is OPEN

The Countdown Room is OPEN

The Secret Affair is OPEN!!!



OMG. Fridays are so good… I cannot get enough. Plus, Fifty Linden Friday is so freaking great! Between Junbug and D-lab, I was jumping for joy! Take my money…Take all my money. Ha! I got Rhouthillios to dress up as a crazy ass Lycan and take photos with me for my post!

He da best.

Today I’m featuring the incredible Jewelry set from Alchemy for The Secret Affair! It paired so perfectly with the “Princess Andel” gown from Junbug that I just had to show it off! I just love the way the jewels sparkle and how delicate the pearls are that make up the Pauldrons. You can find Alchemy’s “Dreams” jewelry set at The Secret Affair, which is open NOW!

Plus, Pure Poison’s items will finally be released today! Remember to stop by TSA!



Attack2 Attack1


On Thillios:

Wolfkin Avatar-Niramyth

On Sorchiee:


CROWN-Keystone-Eni’s Forged Circlets-Gold

JEWELRY SET-Alchemy-Dreamer-Choker, Epaulettes, Wristlettes @ TSA*

GOWN-Junbug-Princess Andel-Candy (Check the Main Store)

POSE-F*cking Ninjas-Run Away 

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