Garden Delights!-New from The Countdown Room!


We  RP is open.

Collabor88 is open.

Fantasy Gacha is open.

The Arcade is closed.

The Chapter Four is open.

Fantasy Collective is open.

The Fantasy Room is open.

The Countdown Room is Closed

The Countdown Room will be opening very soon and with it, some incredible items from Kei-Spot, On A Lark, and More! I know I’ve blogged quite a bit today…but…Sundays are good for that. So, here we go. I set up Kei-Spots awesome Garden Goodies in my little Herb garden and am absolutely in love! Who says we can’t live outdoors?! Pfft.

I’m also wearing the “Venice” Dress from Whatz that will be available at The Countdown Room! It’s such a special little sundress…I really love it. Anywho…I hope y’all enjoy this lovely Sunday and remember to keep up with all the greatest RP events in SL right here 😀


HAIR-Tram-D428-Classic Black @ C88

JEWELRY-Luas-Elvira @ TCR

DRESS-Whatz-Venice @ TCR

SHADOWBOX-OAL-Butterfly Shadow Boxes @ TCR

PEACOCK-Fantasy China-Mesh Peacock @ TCR

DECOR-Kei-Spot-Garden Chair, Dresser, & Hangabout @ TCR

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