Cotton Candy-NEW from The Fantasy Room


Sorry I’ve been lazy on posting… I caught a cold this week and have been trying to get over it. It’s the worst… I hate getting sick. My brain gets all fuzzy, my nose is stuffed, and my throat is killing me!

Fuck getting sick.

Anywho. Check out these awesome goodies available at The Fantasy Room & The Countdown Room! I thought… because I’m sick, I need a little color up in this bitch! So… I hope you enjoy the colorful, Disco Dancing Elven Princess! Ha! Here are your weekly updates on event:

We  RP is open.

Collabor88 is open.

Fantasy Gacha is open.

The Arcade is closed.

The Chapter Four is open.

Fantasy Collective is open.

The Fantasy Room is open.

The Countdown Room is Closed

Also, MILK has a brand new group gift out called, “Chatter Box” and it’s freaking fabulous! I love me some MILK. Go. Get it. NOW!

Cotton CandyCREDITS

HAIR-Milk-Chatter Box (NEW GROUP GIFT)

CROWN&COLLAR-Luas-Elvira-Gold @ TCR

CIRCLET-Frogstar-Yasmin Headwrap @ TFR

ARMBAND-Noodles-Clara Arm Chain

BIKINI-OrsiniRed-Ruse Bikini-Pink @ TFR


TAIL-C.C. Kreations-Meiade-River @ TFR

POSES-Bang-Stands 350-359

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Imogen Jie says:

    Get well soon my friend.

    1. Thanks, Boo.

      I can’t stand being sick… sighs. I miss and Love you!

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