OOC-Blogger Challenge!


Alright my fellow Fantasy/Medieval/Gorean/RP Bloggers! I’ve got a Blogger Challenge for you!

We all know that we’re always caught in some crazy RP get-up, but I challenge you to post about what you wear when you’re OOC (Out Of Character). I thought it would be fun, since it seems when I’m OOC I’m always wearing the most ridiculous, silly things!

I’ll start it off for ya with my post… If ya do this challenge, make sure to pass it on! That’s right, pass on the silliness! With all these events going on, it’s fun to just be…stupid once in a while.

When I’m OOC, I’m usually wearing whatever I picked up recently. In this case, I’m wearing Chapter Four goodies! It’s their ONE year anniversary…so…lot’s of gifts are put out 😀 I ❤ free things. Also, when I’m OOC I tend to sit up in my Blogging Box chit-chatting with friends and generally being dumb.


HAIR-Little Bones-West Coast @ TCF

HAT-Le Poppycock-Fedora @ TCF

GLASSESS-2PM-Bon Bon Glasses @TCF

TOP-Dappa-Queen Crop Top

BOTTOMS-Nodulu-Pantalon Sweat @TCF

BRACELET-Deadwool-Bracelet Gift @ TCF

EARRING-Faun-Diamond’s Are Forever @ TCF


David/Heather-Shopping Bag Gift @ TCF

Anitomo Bag

CAT-Birdy-Sassy Cat-Patches @ TCF

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