I fell into a dream…-NEW from Aisling & Peqe!


We  RP is closed.

Collabor88 is open.

Fantasy Gacha is open.

The Arcade is closed.

The Chapter Four is open.

Fantasy Collective is open.

The Fantasy Room is closed

The Countdown Room is Closed

Whew! It’s been such a whirl wind of excitement lately. With the Fantasy Fair, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and all the other events happening across the grid it feels like I’m not getting enough post out. Have no fear… You’ll get a ton of previews for The Fantasy Room, The Countdown Room, and every other event I blog for.

I got to sneak into the Fantasy Gacha Carnival a bit early to look at all the gorgeous items available! I’m a Gachaholic….it’s a problem. THOUGH, it’s okay because I get to share it all with you. Today I’m featuring this incredible set from Aisling called, “Feldream” for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. It’s truly a work of art…AND it feels so magical wearing it. Like I’m some incredible Mage or something…The Staff and Book are RARE and the Necklace and Helmut are ULTRA RARE,  I’ve paired it with this AWESOME tunic from Peqe called, “Kink” and it’s available at We ❤ RP in a variety of colors!

Aisling6 Aisling5 Aisling 4 Aisling 3 Aisling 2 Aisling 1


HAIR-Moon-Rhymes of an Hour-Greyscale

TUNIC-Peqe-Kink-Blue @ We ❤ RP

ARMOR, STAFF, & BOOK-Aisling-Feldream @ TFGC

LOCATION-Harrowdale-A Forgotten realms Sim

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