Let her Sleep…-NEW from Enchantment!

Enchantment is officially OPEN!

Remember…this round is a little different, but in a great way! Instead of trying to fight your easy into a sim, you get to go to the event’s participating stores and pick up the exclusive items! Now, each item purchased comes with a stamp card…in order to redeem your gifts, each card must be stamped by each store. You can wear as many cards as you like, and they’ll all get stamped…but it’s only ONE card per gift.

I suggest going around to your fav stores, picking up whatever it is you’d like to purchase and then go back around to get your cards stamped. At first I was a bit weary….but it works out great! Plus, the gifts are adorable! It’s kind of like a Hunt format and I’m okay with that!

Today I’m showing off a bunch of items that you’ll find exclusively for Enchantment!
Sleeping beauty 2 CREDITS

HAIR-Mina-Roosje Gift @ Enchantment

IVY-Lark-Briar Arm wraps & Mask Gift @ Enchantment

GOWN-Junbug-Sleeping Beauty @ Enchantment

BED-DDD-Royal Day Bed

HOURGLASS-OhMai-100 Years of Waiting Gift @ Enchantment

CASTLE-Kalopsia-Princess Castle @ Enchantment

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