25L Tuesday Favs!

It’s that magical time again!

25L TUESDAYS! Yay! As usual, I bring you my favorites… Remember that these items will only be available today at the low low price of 25L. I’m super happy with what was available today. There’s a huge range of awesome looks that are not only cheap, but work perfectly for all sorts of different role play situations… From a Wildling to an Expecting Mother. Seriously…This week caters to everyone.

Let’s start with these fabulous maternity gowns from Gang/Cold. I went ahead and purchased the fatback…because, ya never know when you’re gonna need a maternity gown. Pfft. I love the textures…super fun and super pretty. I had never heard of this store until today. I was super impressed. Love. Love. Love.

Gor Gurls is always fun! They always have something sexy and fun out for 25L Tuesday. Then we have Luas, who you all know I’m obsessed over. I just love Luas. She always makes the most fabulous things and I’m just gaga over her texture work. Last, but not least is thise super sexy dress from Teri. It’s a great dress that I can see myself wearing for all sorts of things. It comes in a variety of colors…so… Go get yourself these gorgeous looks NOW!


For all things 25L Tuesday!


GangColdGor Gurls
Gor Gurls-25L



EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Green

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