25L TUESDAY! Fiddle dee dee!

25L Tuesday Previews…
Check out the awesomeness for this Tuesday!
Remember to sign up for the 25L Tuesday Subscriber if you want the LM’s and list of participants 🙂 Just click on any 25L Tuesday sign 😀 
Today we’re featuring On A Lark, Teri, & Luas! 
On Nasa:
On A Lark-Hanna @ 25L Tuesday
On Ella:
Teri-Tristina @ 25L Tuesday
On Sorcha:
Luas-Elecktra @ 25L Tuesday
HAIR-Geek-Leia Returns @ We ❤ RP
CROWN-Tapi-Royaled headband
OUTFIT-Luas-Samantha-Black, Blue, Red (Includes jewelry) @ 25L Tuesday
POSES-PoSEsion-MIIA @ Kustom 9
OUTFIT-Sweet Poison-Betty @ 25L Tuesday

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