Queen of the Seven Seas!-NEW from TFC

I’m so thrilled with the turn-out for this round of The Fantasy Collective! It’s been such a busy Event season, but I truly am overjoyed with the blood, sweat, and tears the Designers, Creators, and Event Coordinators put into their work.
I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the awesome folks at TFC. I’m honored to blog for you and honored to call you friends! 
There are so many incredible vendors this round that I hardly know what to show you! There is just so much good stuff 😀 The event is Pirate themed…but that doesn’t mean the items cannot be added to other outfits or decor to suit your character. The look I’m posting below is based entirely around this gorgeous gown from Juno Mantel of JUNBUG. The gown is called, “Temptress of Tortuga” and embodies everything I imagine a Priate’s lady would be. 
Elegant, strong willed, and most of all, tenacious. 
I’ve styled the gown with this feathered fascinator from Lode, The Crystal Cave Circlet from Noodles,    and Rustica’s “Instant Pirate Kit” All of which is available RIGHT NOW at the event.
For a TP to TFC
HAIR-Calico-Francine @ We ❤ RP
HEAD PIECE-Lode-Oreor-Red @ TFC
CIRCLET-Noodles-Crystal Cave Circlet @ TFC
EYE PATCH-Rustica-Instant Pirate Kit @ TFC
NECKLACE-22769-Seven Seas-Brass @ TFC
COLLAR-Pekka-Leather Ring Collar @ TFC
GOWN-Junbug-Temptress of Tartuga @ TFC
GLOVES-Izzie’s-Short Leather Gloves
OTHER JEWELRY-Bokeh-Enchanting Red’s Necklace & Ring
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Green
SNAKE-Half-Deer-Cornsnake @ Chapter Four
PARASOL-Junbug-Ultra Rare Parasol 

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