Le Dolce Vita-NEW from Collabor88, Kustom 9, & The Countdown Room

You Guys…. Collabor88 has some CUTE stuff. Specifically the Home you see behind me. It’s INCREDIBLE! I know I get obsessive about a lot…but I am SUPER OBSESSED with this house. It’s called, “The Cortona Villas” by Trompe Loeil and it’s available at Collabor88 and it’s super reasonably priced!
I mean…for what you get…it’s amazing. I decided to use it at my backdrop for these photos because… It’s amazing. Ha! I wore the new JUNBUG gown called, “Nymph” for Kustom 9. Now we’ve seen this silloette from her before, but it’s all new colors and trust me… this gown will never go out of style. It’s perfect for RP or for a night out on the town… Seriously, it’s a must have for your closet!
Check out these events and let me know whatcha think! I know that it’s not a Fantasy/Medieval thing, but it’s a fun challenge to turn things from Modern to Fantastically Magical for your character. 
For Collabor88
for Kustom 9

HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Springflower Hair @ Collabor88
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
SUNGLASSES-Yummy-Cat Eye Corner Rose Shades @ Collabor88
NECKLACE-JUNBUG-Perles de la Mer @ The Countdown Room
GOWN-JUNBUG-Nymph-Blush @ Kuston 9
POSES-Marukin-Dolce Vita @ Collabor88

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