Group Tuesday

Ella here! Bringing to ya at Momma’s request some of our 25L Tuesday finds! This time we took our little Nasa with us! Shes my little (or big, depending on the character!) sister and the sweetheart of our home! 
So we have her all dressed up and hugging on Momma in this adorable bunny hoodie and matching boots. While I found this lovely jacket from Footpaw, and boots that went swimmingly with it from one of my favs, [Teri]! And beauty as always! Momma found her heart drawn to Luas and May’s Soul for this gorgeous little ensemble! Go check out what you can find quick! Wednesday is just over the horizon.
 Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Yelena  :  Truth Main Store
Jacket: [FPI] Brigid Cream : Footpaw Industries (25L Tuesdays)
Shoes: [Teri] Ouida Shoes Brow : [Teri]otrope (25L Tuesdays)
Pants:  [V/W] Brown UnderTunic Pants: From [V/W] Adrya Green  :  Velvet Whip Marketplace Store
NECKLACE-May’s Soul-Leather Jewelry set-Blue @ 25L Tuesday
OUTFIT-Luas-Vika-Colds Pack @ 25L Tuesday
 Boots | Kei’s Sad Bunny Boots (Green) | Kei’s Spot – 25L Tuesdays
Hoodie | Kei’s Sad Bunny Hoodie (Green) | Kei’s Spot – 25L Tuesdays
Hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair | Wasabi Pills Mainstore

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