Going Rogue-NEWNESS from The Countdown Room!

 Are you ready to go rogue? 
For a TP to The Countdown Room
I don’t have anything witty to cute to say today, so I thought I’d let the look speak for it’s self 😀
HAIR-Taketomi-MeiLing @ The Season’s Story
ARMOR-May’s Soul-Mishima @ The Countdown Room
WEAPONS-The Forge/EZ-Wrath’s Conviction & Gilded Bow of Jie
BOOTS-JD-Ara-Ecru @ We ❤ RP
HALO-Stitched Gods-Belenos halo-Radience @ The Countdown Room
BELT-PFC-Role Belt-Healer
QUIVER-PFC-Ottomon Quiver
DRESS-Fiada-Cora-Red @ The Countdown Room
POSES-Bang-Huntress @ We ❤ RP


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