Royal’s Wear Red-NEW from The Countdown Room & Sweet Kajira

Oo! So much is being packed into today! Which, of course makes me so happy. LOL!
…My character is getting married today. What the what?! I know. However, I refuse to let that overshadow this gorgeous gown from Sweet Kajira, titled “Claudine” for The Countdown Room. UGH! It’s so pretty and delicate. I lurv it. Mm hm. Not love, lurv. 
I’ve styled it with this oh so fashionable hair from D!va and this oh so adorable egg purse-thing from Zenith. Both of these items can be found at The Season’s Story
For a TP to The Countdown Room
HAIR-D!va-Elsa @ The Season’s Story
CROWN-Keystone-Crown of the Amazonas @ We ❤ RP
EGG-PURSE-Zenith-Khaki Earth Stone Egg Necklace @ The Season’s Story
GOWN-Sweet Kajira-Claudine-Red @ The Countdown Room
POSES-Bang-Stands 395-399 @ The Season’s Story

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