A Simple Life-NEW from The Countdown Room!

Happy Friday, lovers… Today is going to be freaking awesome and ya know why? The Countdown Room is open! Uh huh, and with it’s opening comes all the awesomeness that is the following photos below. LOL! 
Kidding… it’s not all of it, but…it’s some and it’s available for purchase at a discount at The Countdown Room! I’m wearing the “Lorelie” gown from Whatz by Titania Halasy and the “Walker” Sandals from On A Lark by Discovering Destiny. Oh! Check out my skin by Curvalicious…Yeah…lovely, right? All of which are available at The Countdown Room
I’m also featuring some decor that is available at The Countdown Room by An Lema. Go check it out In World at the event!
For a TP to The Countdown Room

HAIR-INK-Springlike-Coal @ The Season’s Story
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Hazel
SKIN-Curvalicious-Freya-Pale @ TCR
DRESS-Whatz-Lorelie-Brown @ TCR
DECOR-An Lema-Renissaince Table & Victorian Message Table @ TCR
POSES-Skbio-Abra AO @ The Chapter Four

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