A Royal Birth-NEW from Arwen’s Creations at We Love RP!

It’s that time of year…where the birds and bees are all a flutter with…well, I dunno. But… it’s Springtime and that makes me think of babies. Arwen Sperpente from Arwen’s Creations has some amazing items out at We ❤ RP all in specialty colors just for the event and I posted one yesterday and today I thought I’d post her Maternity gown!
I’m so glad more designers in Fantasy, Medieval, and Gor are taking the time to create some maternity looks. I mean… we have babies and still wanna look stylish whilst being a whale. Which reminds me… yes, Niamh (My character) is indeed with child. Ha! So…this is all sort of perfect.
“Soon” the gown I’m wearing below comes in a huge range of colors in Arwen’s Mainstore, but the color shown below is special for We ❤ RP! It’s so Royal…which makes me happy. Because… is a Royal. 
As with all of Arwen’s gorgeous creations, there are layers and accessories that come with the gown to make it your own. I’m showing the paired down version, with just the gown, necklace, and circlet. I’ve paired it with the gorgeous cloak from Fateplay and the super soft slippers from Aisling (all of which can be found at We ❤ RP)
Let me know if you’d like to see more specialty RP items… such as Maternity wear, Weapons, and the like. Comment below and we will totally make it happen! Seriously… our house is becoming so full. My Sister-In-Law, Valkyria has moved in for the time being…she’s gorgeous. I’ll need to get her on the blog. 
For a ride to Arwen’s Creations
For a TP to We ❤ RP
HAIR-Truth-Briony (I’m not sure it’s still available…)
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Hazel
CLOAK-Fateplay-Dany-Onxy @ We ❤ RP
SLIPPERS-Aisling-Hind-Red&Purple @ We ❤ RP
GOWN & ACCESSORIES-Arwen’s Creations-Soon-Red&Black @ We ❤ RP

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