She Was A Gypsy-NEW from The Fantasy Room!

So…The Fantasy Room is OPEN!
 If you haven’t gone yet…GO! So many exciting designs are being sold and everything is simply amazing… 
Check out this gorgeous Gypsy set from {A} by Morgana Bird. The Tables, Chairs, and Cushions are all customizable with an awesome HUD and though, not shown, there is also an awesome Gypsy Wagon available! The Wagon behind me is NOT part of the event. 
I’m also wearing this awesome Tunic and boots from *LE*, also available at The Fantasy Room!
For a TP to The Fantasy Room

HAIR-MILK-Play Time NEW @ The Big Show
CIRCLET-OAL-Crysantha Circlet @ The Fantasy Room
HAIR ACCESSORIE-Axix-Mihara Hair Pin @ The Fantasy Room
TUNIC-*LE*-Tauriel-Aqua @ The Fantasy Room
BOOTS-*LE*-Tauriel Boots-Aqua @ The Fantasy Room
ALL DECOR-{A}-Gypsy Gacha Items @ The Fantasy Room

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