Ella’s Corner! Defending Home. Last Day for Love and War!!!

Alrighty! I’m a little late with this one. Today is the last day for the Love and War, a celebration of the 4th anniversy of the event 30L Fridays! There are some wonderful items there by some amazing creators who have participated in this event for much of it’s running. Luas, May’s Soul, [Tia], and several others! It’s been a really short event, so if you haven’t been, get there while you can! Junbug has an awesome gacha, as always!, there offering collars and this beautiful “Succubus” dress in several colors. This one and 4 other colors are uncommons and 3 exclusive fur colors are Rares!, but don’t lose hope and keep on playing! 
Here’s your taxi, hop in before it’s too late!
Love and War 30L Anniversary Fair!
::From Love and War::
Crown:  Luas Astaroth Crown Silver
Collar:  Luas Astaroth Collar Silver
Pauldrons and Bracers:  *May’s Soul* Muse armour silver
Circlet, Chest and Hip Jewelry:  Luas Aledis Jewels Silver
Chest Plate:  *May’s Soul* War chest silver leaf
Dress:  *{Junbug}* The Succubus in Azure UNCOMMON
::Other things worn::
Hair:  ::Exile:: Waiting for Tonight: Naturals  :  Exile Main Store
Sword:  Blackburns  Medieval Mesh Sword Knife Set with Animations HUD  :  Marketplace
Pose:  9.::Axix:: Legendary Warrior  :  :: A x i x :: A n i m a t i o n ((Gacha Item, unsure where the gacha was located. I bought it from someone’s yard sale >.<))
::On the Beast::
Body:  (NIRAMYTH) – DAENOTAUR THE DUST (1.4)  :  Marketplace (Niramyth MP Store)
Head and Feet:  Tyranid Lictor  :  Grendel’s Children Main Store
Wings:  Sensations Demon Wings  :  Marketplace (Sensations MP Store)

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