One Queen To Rule Them All-THE SECRET AFFAIR!

The Secret Affair
Open Tomorrow!
Do yourself a favor and GO check it out. I promise you… you will not be disappointed. It’s incredible the amount go effort all the event coordinators and designers/creators have gone through to make this event as amazing as it is!
I’m truly excited to hear what you all think about it! 
So…Today I leave you with the True Queen, The Mother of Dragons, The Fairest of Fair… Daenerys Targaryen.
HAIR-MILK-Spring Sprites-Essentials pack
SKIN-Birdy-Daenery’s Skin-Pure @ The Secret Affair
EYES-Ikon-Asencion Eyes-Glass
CAPE-Peqe-Secret Cloak-Our’s Is The Fury ULTRA RARE @ The Secret Affair
GOWN-Peqe-Throne’s Game-The Vale @ The Secret Affair
HEADDRESS-Alchemy-Hear Me Roar RARE @ The Secret Affair
The Forge-House Targaryen Ring @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul-Majestic Gold Chain @ The Secret Affair
Azoury-Sansa’s Necklace-Rainbow 02 @ The Secret Affair
Sweet Poison-Sun and Moon @ The Secret Affair
POSES-On Lar-Spoiled Princess Series @ Fit For A Princess

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