Ella’s Corner! April’s Thrifty Finds!

New month and new thrifty finds to show you! Ok, so those of you that have followed this segment know that we’re on second, and darn it all if the first wasn’t just a big mess! And a big post on top of it <.< hehe! But! I've cleaned up my method and managed to compose three outfits for you fabulous followers!

Put that baby down, Thilios! Is what i’d say if there were a sound option on here, lol! But seriously, I appreciate his helping me with this post. I wanted to stick to just one outfit, which was not easy! After sifting through demo items on the marketplace, there were quite a few lovely pieces on the first five pages. There were many more interesting men’s shirts for under 50, but Thilios felt bananas, so that’s what we went with!

I was ecstatic to find an outfit on the first five pages for all of Thilios, Toddleedoo Me, and Grown me! So yay! Let’s give some credit to these wonderful designers.

On grumpy grown-up Ellamae, we have the ::FAC:: Jane Top for 50L from FA Creations. This top is sold with an 8 color HUD, so if you’re not a big fan of the yellow I’m wearing, there are seven more options to choose from in the same purchase! They also offer a demo if you’d like to try before you buy. These cute floral jean shorts are called Ripe berry – shorts GIFT sold by Ripe Berry. It’s 0L$ and the store has a few more items lovely items for under 50L. And this awesome jewelry set? {ExHaUsTeD} Dreamcatcher Set for 49L from a new marketplace store opened by Caytee. I actually bought two of hers for the post having such a difficult time deciding which to wear for it, but the Dreamcatcher won out. Definitely recommend checking out the store. She sells some amazing pieces and all for under 50L!

On Baby Ellamae is a cute 50L outfit named PROMO .:flutterbyes:. Dotty Capri Outfit (T) by Maylee Godric. She has a bunch of cute little toddleedoo things for 50L in her store, too!

And for Thilios! That fun banana shirt? :: MH :: Shirt Double Long Sleeve Banana by ::Mad Hatter:: for 40L. Pants are Mesh jean for the men by AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS. It’s 30L and i’m a big fan of the worn texture work! And those awesome kicks are from [NyDesign], also 30L and named [NyDesign] Mens Series – Mens Mesh Skull Sneakers. There were so many more mens things besides these awesome finds that I loved, but at a one outfit limit all i can say, guys, is go have a look!

See you again next month for more Thrifty Finds!

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