Spring Has Sprung-New from AISLING, We Love RP, and MORE

I am so blessed to have such fantastic friends in SL…I really am. I adore my blogger gals and my designing Divas (and Divos)! If you haven’t checked out my friend Imogen’s blog, you’re truly missing out: CLICK ME to see just how incredible she is. Just thought everyone should know…
On another note… COULD YOU DIE?! I mean… seriously… Could you just die!? AISLING by Druunah Esherham & Damian Kleiner just keep putting out incredible creations… one after the other. It’s as if, they take my breath away and before i even have a chance to steady myself I’m hit again with something truly spectacular! 
Now, I know I’ve showcased the gorgeous “Lady Of Highgarden” set for The Secret Affair, but I also want to show you this incredible chest lace for We ❤ RP. I wish I had better words to truly express how I feel about this piece, but I just don’t. It’s better than perfect… I mean, let’s be honest… Everything those two do is a home run.. but this? This is a grand slam. 
For a Ride to Aisling
For a TP to We ❤ RP
For more information on The Secret Affair
HAIR-MILK-Catching Mermaids (I know.. I just can’t get over this hair)
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Denim
GOWN-Peqe-Princess…Or is she?-Aurora @ Fit For Princess
Lady Of Highgarden @ The Secret Affair
Chestlace @ We ❤ RP
POSES-On Lar-The Spoiled Princess @ Fit For A Princess


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