Lady Of Highgarden-NEW from Aisling and The Secret Affair!

Good morning, Fabulous Fantastical Fantasy Second Life Divas and Divos! 
Drumroll please….
Today I bring you… “The Lady of Highgarden” by Damian Kleiner of Aisiling! It’s fabulous, right? Absolutely fabulous. I’m pretty sure I’m never taking this off…yeah…totally sure I’m never taking this off. 
This is a Gacha from The Secret Affair! So…be sure to pack your coin purse, because you are going to want-nay- NEED the entire set. The crown and HUD are Ultra Rare and the necklace is Rare, the rest (hands, shoulders, and bracers) are all common. Though, I see nothing common about them. LOL!
It’s spectacular. I…am…SO HAAPY!
4 more days until The Secret Affair opens!
For more information on The Secret Affair
For a TP to Aisling
There are a ton of events that I am blogging for…and I know I’ve focused on this for a while, but be sure to check back on my blog for previews of The Fantasy Room, The Fantasy Collective, and We ❤ RP!
HAIR-MILK-Catching Mermaids
EARS-Mandala -Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-IKON-Promise Eyes-Hazel
JEWELRY-Aisling-Lady Of Highgarden @ The Secret Affair

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