The Fantasy Room is quickly becoming a truly awesome and sought after event!
Every round it just keeps getting better and better and I must say… I think it’s awesome to character to the Role Players in SL. I mean, the amount of RP all across the grid is staggering and we’re always looking for awesome things to add to our characters… always.
That Fantasy Room has truly answered the call and all I can say is….Thank you. 
I thought I’d show off this incredible Throne with built in poses from Fashiowl Poses by Goizane and this incredible jewelry set from On A Lark by Discovering Destiny for The Fantasy Room. The Jewelry set, which we all know I’m crazy about comes with a HUD to change the metals and the jewels. 
I’m also showcasing some of the JUNBUG Gacha Items available at The Love and War event. The Gacha prizes include these gorgeous gowns with a deep split down the front in a variety of lovely colors, the RARES are made of fur and the Collars come in the same variety of colors and are all COMMON. 
For a TP to the Love and War Event
For a ride to The Fantasy Room
For a TP to OAL

HAIR-MILK-Catching Mermaids
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Hazel
COLLAR-Junbug-Freya-Gold @ Love and War
GOWN-Junbug-Succubus-Gold @ Love and War
JEWELRY-OAL-Cira (Arm Bands, Necklace, Crown, & Ring) @ The Fantasy Room
DECOR-Fashiowl Poses-Throne @ The Fantasy Room

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