Scales Are Sexy-NEW from The Secret Affair AND 25L Tuesdays!

I love Tuesdays… Don’t you?!
So… of course we all know Tuesdays in SL mean, 25L Tuesday and that means there is awesome stuff to be had for insanely cheap prices! Today I bring you, Luas…One of my favorite stores in SL. The offering to the 25L Gods is this amazing mini dress (which I’ve obviously covered up with a ball skirt because…I dunno) and a matching armor set called, “Dracaris”. As usual she has three packs available in the dress: Neutrals, Colds, and Warms. I’m wearing the Colds pack because I love the green scales… I feel like some Ancient Dragoness. Uber cute.
Also, I’m featuring some of the awesome Gacha prizes from aii for The Secret Affair. It’s called the “Draconic Shield” and I’m wearing it in gold which is a RARE. it fits around my arm so nicely… >.<
Also being showcased is this incredible woven crown by Lark (Discovering Destiny), the “Dragon Egg” necklace from 22769, and the “Sun and Moon” Necklace from Sweet Poison by Bella Domela! All of these will be available April 6th at The Secret Affair!
For a TP to LUAS
For a TP to OAL
For a TP to Sweet Poison
For more information about The Secret Affair
HAIR-Moon-Papercuts-Jet Black
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Denim
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
DRAGON-22769-Shoulder Dragon-Green @ The Secret Affair
NECKLACE-22769-Dragon Egg Necklace @ The Secret Affair
NECKLACE-Sweet Poison-Sun&Moon @ The Secret Affair
CROWN-OAL-Woven Crown @ The Secret Affair
ARMOR-Luas-Dracaris @ 25L Tuesdays
MINI DRESS-Luas-Dracaris-Cold Pack @ 25L Tuesday
SKIRT-Riske-Countess Skirt-Noir
SHIELD-aii-Draconic Shield @ The Secret Affair
POSES-Glitterati-La de da

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