Ella’s Corner! 25L Tuesdays! Dragon Snacks!

Happy Holiday! Cuz like i said last week, 25L Tuesdays is my new favorite holiday! So here are a few things that are being offered! First we have Sweet Poison‘s Beyla silks. They come with a lovely rose hair piece! Second i decided to mix the Dracaris dress and armor offered by Luas with a lovely outfit from [Teri] called Gladia! This pairing is what inspired me to bring 25L Tuesdays to you today as my Dragon persona, Bryndelyn! Who put aside her horde of pearls to also show you this soft and elegant dress from On A Lark, and it’s matching headband, both named Beau. 
And my morning snack you ask? Well, just head over to Dysfunctional Designs, one of the best places you can go to find low prim, high quality furniture at prices that are unbelievably affordable! Their 25L Tuesday offer is a beautifully textured cutting board of sliced bread and butter. It went immediately into our dinning room this morning. And when you click it, you get this cute little wear-able! Thanks so much Kalia Firelyte of DDD, and all the other amazing designers and builders who participate in this best of holidays!
(Credits and links are in the description above!)

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