You Know Nuthin Jon Snow!-NEW from The Secret Affair

Six days and counting, y’all. 
The Secret Affair is drawing near and the icy breeze from the North is blowing past. 
I thought I’d post a look inspired by Jon Snow and the Night Watch. First of all…can we all agree that Jon Snow is hands down the sexiest character? Like ever?! 
Mm…-drools a little-
I’m pretty obsessed with his character… The loss of innocence… The courage to grow up in a household, not of your own. Now, I realize this post is devoid of any color, but if you’re a fan of the show or books or both, then you’ll understand why this is all in black… 
Let’s talk about this awesome helm from The Forge by Deccan Arida. Go ahead… take your time…catch your breath. yes, it is THAT awesome. I’ve paired it with this gorgeous cloak from PFC, an incredibly detailed corset from aii, and these rad boots from Azoury. The helm and everything you see on me will be available April 6th at The Secret Affair.
For more information about The Secret Affair
HELM-The Forge-The Hounds Helm @ The Secret Affair
CLOAK-PFC-Northern Cape @ The Secret Affair
CORSET-aii-Dragon Scale Corset @ The Secret Affair
PANTS-The Annex-Leather Leggings @ The Secret Affair
BOOTS-Azoury-Stark Boots @ The Secret Affair
SWORD & DAGGER-Primus Weapons-Seven Kingdoms Sword & Stark Dagger @ The Secret Affair
CROWN-Silk Worms & Primus Weapons-Game of Thorns Crown @ The Secret Affair
KEY-Silk Worms & Primus Weapons-Targaryen Key @ The Secret Affair
ARMOR-OAL-Dragon Bracers @ The Secret Affair
POSES-Focus Poses-Warrior Pack

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  1. swaggor says:

    Ok, so…I'm in love with this outfit.

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