My Family

I get a lot of questions about my RP and my family…and how I juggle it all. Well, my family is my RP. I mean… yes, we all hang out OOCly, but we’re family both ICly and OOCly…no matter what. I make time to RP, be with my family, and blog… Ya gotta make time. I thought I’d share some photos from this week…all of which are my family. 
This is my Sister, Azmiedel… she’s gorgeous, huh? Yes…we look nothing alike. I know.

Inaka and I… This is our Engagement photo. SQUEE!

Oh look… This is when he proposed to me.

FAMILY DINNER! Minus a few Eylwindirs, but they live next door…so…I’m sure they could hear us shouting.

Father and son having a serious conversation… Look at that black eye!

Inaka holding his stepdaughter, Ellamae… so sweet. Melts me.

Mommy, Ella, and Finbar…. My little loves. 

Finn is such a little baby…always wanna be in Mama’s lap.

and finally…my OOC family… LOL. Thilios didn’t wanna be in the photo because he’s a derp…but I love him. My derpy older brother…

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