Bran’s Third Eye- NEW from The Secret Affair!

I know…I’m adorable. Ya don’t gotta tell me >.< 
Look how awesome this outfit it. LOOK AT IT! Everything I’m wearing will be available April 6th at The Secret Affair! Dude… that’s like… seven days from now. SEVEN!
The tunic, pants, and boots are all from Stitched by Adele Bumblefoot and they are so much fun. Seriously… it’s not only for men, ladies! This is so chic and sexy for a female RPer who’s a ranger, warrior, or all around badass. I’m wearing an XS in everything, of course… but I’m like uber skinny. I’ve paired the look with these incredible bracers from my girl, Lark (Discovering Destiny) of On A Lark. They’re called the “Dragon Bracers” and they come with a HUD allowing you to change the texture 😀 They’re f*%&ing fantastic. 
Oh, and I know you’re digging my itty bitty dragon behbeh! They’re a Gacha prize from yumyums and these are going to be a HUGE collectors item. Like, massive. 
For more information about 
The Secret Affair
For a TP to OAL…Tell Lark how pretty she is…cause…she really is. 
HAIR-Truth-Maiko-Light Brown
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
TUNIC-Stitched-Althalos @ The Secret Affair
PANTS-Stitched-Bran’s Pants @ The Secret Affair
BOOTS-Stitched-Bran’s Boots @ The Secret Affair
ARMOR-OAL-Dragon Bracers @ The Secret Affair
PLUSHIE-yumyums-Baby Draegon Gacha (Lannister, Stark, Targaryen) 
POSES-DLUX-Intrigue Pack

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