Principessa-NEW from JUNBUG & Fit For A Princess!

Once Upon A Time…
Their lived a beautiful role player named, Niamh. Niamh lived in a mysterious and often dangerous land called Mystara. Mystara was a place of beauty and wonder… where anything was possible…
JUNO STRIKES AGAIN! Seriously…She’s like a ninja! Juno Mantel of JUNBUG has released (to bloggers) this incredibly gorgeous gown titled, “Principessa” for the Fit For A Princess Event. The gown comes in a variety of colors, all shown below and is everything you can expect from Juno. Gorgeously textured, well thought out, and incredibly designed. As with all her work, this is perfection. It fits like a glove and it looks so regal and feminine. I can’t choose from a favorite color… I really can’t, but this is absolutely perfect for RP. I mean, look at it! Ugh…Niamh will be wearing this for years to come. 
For more information concerning the Fit For A Princess Event!
For a TP to JUNBUG
To stare at my Flickr Page
Because you love me…LOL

EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Metel
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears-
CROWN-Tea.s-Her Reign-Silver
JEWELS-MG-Karina Court
POSES-Infinte-Elegant Pose Pack & Running Scared
LOCATION-Mystara-Ered Eithel Palace Steps

2 Comments Add yours

  1. swaggor says:

    OMG Stunning post. Just….wow. Juno is a superstar huh!

  2. OMG! Right? She's a SUPERSTAR! Hey…when are we gonna do a post together… with our sexiness combined we can rule them all! LOL. I heart you.

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