Winter Is Coming…-NEWNESS from The Secret Affair!

GASP! I am just flipping over everything that will be available, April 6th at The Secret Affair! Primus Weapons…just amaze balls. I love this sword and Shield. I feel like I’m the Mother of Dragons! GAH!!!! So much awesomeness is coming your way. 
Are you ready?
…Winter is coming…
The Secret Affair
Begins April 6th
For more information!
HAIR-Taketomi-Mami-Blacks Pack
HEADPIECE-Keystone-Vie’s Antlers & Wildling Crown-Silver/Silver @ The Secret Affair
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
SHIELD-Primus Weapons-Westeros Shield @ The Secret Affair
SWORD-Primus Weapons-Seven Kingdoms Sword @ The Secret Affair
NECKLACE-Azoury-Sansa Necklace-Clouds @ The Secret Affair
CHOKER-YumYums-Dragon Keeper Locket @ The Secret Affair
ARMOR-PFC-Dragon Slayer Armor @ The Secret Affair
DRESS-The Muses-Deep Shade-Silver/Blue
SANDALS-Enfant Terrible-Wayfarers-Light Grey

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