Margaery Tyrell, She Who Would Be Queen-NEW from The Secret Affair

She who would be Queen… several times over. 
ACK! Margaery is by far my favorite character in a Game Of Thrones. She’s smart and kind, but most importantly, she knows what she wants. To be Queen! 
“Wherever she went, the smallfolk fawned on her, and Lady Margaery did all she could to fan their ardor. She was forever giving alms to beggars, buying hot pies off bakers’ carts, and reining up to speak to common tradesmen.”

This gown from MetaTheodora aptly titled, “Ambition” is a Gacha Gown that will be available at The secret Affair. There are ten common and four rare. I’m wearing the “Queen’s Dress” which is a rare. It’s a beautiful gown… so unique and creative. I’m in love with each gown, but this is sooooo meant for Margaery. I mean, it’s blue and royal… soft and hard at the same time… It’s perfect. 

I’ve paired the gown with a gorgeous hair by MILK called “Teenage Romance” which is available at Whore Couture and the crown upon my head, also from The Secret Affair event. The crown is a collaboration between Silk Worms and Primus Weapons (which is kind of brilliant). 

For more information on The secret Affair, which opens April 6th!
Hair-MILK-Teenage Romance-Essentials Pack @ Whore Couture
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf ears
Eyes-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Dune
Claws-EZ-Slave Claws-Novo2.06
Gown-MetaTheodora-Ambition-Queen’s Dress RARE @ The Secret Affair
Crown-Silk Worms & Primus Weapons- Game Of Thorns Crown @ The Secret Affair

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