GREYJOY, Release the Krakken-New from The Secret Affair

“We Do Not Sow”
-Greyjoy House Motto
The Greyjoy House Motto pretty much says it all. They are sea faring folk with an unbending back bone and a fierce disposition. 
I was totally jumping for joy when I saw what The Annex has designed for The Secret Affair Event! The Greyjoy family is absolutely my favorite after the Tyrells. There is just something so sexy about a family that is so tough… This entire outfit is composed of The Annex. I love it.
For more information about The Secret Affair
The Event opens April 6th!
HAIR-Milk-Teenage Romance
EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Dune
HEADPIECE-The Annex-Krakken Headdress @ The Secret Affair
NECKLACE-The Annex-Krakken Necklace @ The Secret Affair
EARRINGS-The Annex-Krakken Earrings @ The Secret Affair
TOP-The Annex-Dress Halter-Grey @ The Secret Affair
BOTTOMS-The Annex-Leather Leggings @ The Secret Affair
HEELS-Renegade-T-Strap Platforms-Black
CLAWS-EZ-Slave Claws-Novo2.06-SLINK Casual Hands
POSES-MAB-RP Poses-Crouching

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