Oh, Shae…- NEW from The Secret Affair!

…What day is it?! It’s Hump Day! 
…and what better way to start off the morning with oodles of goodies from a new Event in SL, by Manna Montana Volcatius! The Secret Affair is a themed event sure to be a HUGE event in SL. This Month’s theme is…wait for it… GAME OF THRONES! Could you die?! I’m probably a bit overly excited…but… come on with vendors like Aisling, !GO!, Keystone, and more I think I have a right to be this excited!
The event begins April 6th and will showcase some of the most creative and incredibly awesome designs, all inspired by Game Of Thrones. Today I’m showcasing this gorgeous gown from !GO! and it’s called the “Shae” dress. Who is Shae? Only the incredibly sexy mistress of Tyrion Lannister! She is a fierce beauty with courage and a deep love for the littlest Lannister.
This gown is available at The Secret Affair Event, starting April 6th!
For more information about The Secret Affair 

P.S. Keep on eye out here for more information and goodies from The Secret Affair!
Hair-Analog Dog-Nightingale-Blacks Pack
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
Eyes-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Dune
Gown-!GO!-Shae Dress @ The secret Affair
Sandals-Ingenue-Pandora Flats-Rouge
Poses-Glitterati-Backed Up

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