L’Ancienne- BRAND NEW form Arwen’s Creations!

Yay! My lovely lady friend, Arwen Serpente has released a new gown! I love hopping over to her store and seeing all the girls crowded around the new release 😀 Makes me happy! This gown is called, “L’Ancienne” and is available in many MANY colors. I’m wearing the Rose color, as shown below. It’s such a chic mesh gown fro Role Players. Of course, the pack comes with a veil and all sorts of other layers and add-ons to customize it to your hearts content. I’m not a free woman nor do I play in Gor, so I enjoy the options. 
The  gown is 100% original Design and the train is flexi. It flows along beautifully and it really ties in the entire look. The gown is inspired by Ancient times, and that’s clear in the silhouette and styling. I’ve paired it with some jewelry from LUAS and the new Atomic skin called “Muse”. I wanted to style is lightly and make it etherial. I think it’s absolutely perfect for Role Players, whether you be human, elven, or whatever. It just works. 
To pick yourself up some gowns at Arwen’s Creations!
(I took this photo a couple days ago in a gorgeous sim called, “Goatswood” I styled it with a crown and my LOGO avi)

Jewelry-LUAS-Aledis Set
Gown-Arwen’s Creations-L’Ancienne-Rose NEW
Skin-Atomic-Muse NEW
Candle-Lorien-Carried Candle

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