Mother Of Dragons- AWESOME STUFF from Manticore & PEQE!

In honor of the new season of Game Of Thrones, I thought I’d post the outfit I’ve been wearing today.
Now, this is far too prim and proper for the Mother Of Dragons, but I thought I’d do my spin on it with this gorgeous gown from PEQE. The gown comes in a ton of gorgeous colors, but my favorite has got to be this mint, shown below. 
I also stopped by Manticore today and checked out the new items in their Mainstore. I’ve been a fan for such a long time now…and these little dragonlettes are absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen! As soon as I purchased them…I knew what kind of post this was going to be.
For a TP to PEQE
For a TP to Manticore
Head piece-Tableau Vivant-Snow Queen
Dragons-Manticore-Sleepy & Grouchy

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