She Wants Revenge-NEWNESS from OAL & LUAS

…Did you miss 25L Tuesday? That’s okay… you can still buy the items (just not for 25L) Ha! 
This cape from On A Lark by Lark (Discovering Destiny) called the “Solstice” cape, featured yesterday for 25L Tuesday is out of this world gorgeous. 
It comes in every color you can imagine and  is awesome to throw over your gowns, blouses, or  naked self. It just feels chic and easy to me… but I love how it adds that little special something to my looks. As you all know, I play a Royal Elven in Mystara and the cape just makes me look regal. I love it. It also comes with a super sexy thing >.<
To buy the “Solstice” Cape from OAL
I’ve paired it with the stunning gown “Revenge” from LUAS, which was also featured yesterday during 25L Tuesday. There are three packs, Colds, Neutrals, and Warms. Each pack has a hud to change the color of the gown. I’m wearing the Neutrals pack which colors include, a deep blue, black, and brown. Super pretty.  I also bought the “Revenge” jewelry pack! 
To buy the “Revenge” Dress from LUAS
Hair-MILK-Spring Sprites
Eyes-Ikon-Proimise Eyes-Dune
Ears-Mandala-fantasy Elf ears
Jewelry-LUAS-Revenge set
Cape-OAL-Soltice Cape-Coal
necklace-OAL-Leaf Gems
Gown-LUAS-Revenge-Neutrals pack
Poses-Adorkable-Attitudes Pack

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