Wild Wood Dancing-New from The Countdown Room & We Heart RP!

My buddy chance came over this morning to strike a few poses for me! He’s such a doll and might I say… a very sexy dresser. Mm hm. I decided to rough myself up a bit and bloc this gorgeous dress from Whatz called “Maluna”, which is available at The Countdown Room. It’s so otherworldly and I just love it! I thought about making myself a Fae, but… I think a Woodland Elf would wear this for sure… especially one that loves dresses! 
I’ve paired it with a couple pieces from The Countdown Room and a few other events that are going on, if not winding down. Have fun and remember to shop till you drop!
For a TP to The Countdown Room!
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf ears
Skin-League-Erin-Pale NEW @ Skin Fair
Eyes patch-[BP]-Surrean Blindfold @ TCR
Armor-May’s Soul-Goblin Armor @ We ❤ RP
Belt-PFC-Healer Belt-Brown
Leg Quiver-PFC-Brown
Dress-Whatz-Maluna-Green @ TCR
Dagger-TGW-Levona Dagger
Bow-EZ-Guilded Bow of Jie
Poses-Infinite-Elegance @ The Liaison Collaborative
Couple pose-The Rack-Together @ The Liaison Collaborative 

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