We Won Stuff!- New from The Luck Of the Irish Gacha!

I’d like to prefer ace this by saying, we look incredibly silly. So silly! Ella and I went off to the Luck Of the Irish Gacha and won a bunch of silly things! I mean… what else are we going to do with our disposable income? 
Because it’s Saturday and on Saturdays you’re allowed to be silly… Now, the event isn’t too big, but there are a ton of Gacha machines. Some of the items look super similar, so… don’t blow your money on one machine all at once. Have a look around first. We made the mistake of blowing our wad on the first level of Gacha machines. There are three levels. Yeah… We thought we’d show you some of our goodies! So… Here ya go. 
For your lucky wee rainbow slide to the Luck Of The Irish (LOTI)
On Sorchapoopie:
Hair-MILK-Catching Mermaids
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
Crown-Holli Pocket-Princess Holli Headband-Rainbow (RARE) @ LOTI
Unicorn Thingie-PANIK-Fantasy Unicorn-Indigo/Black @ LOTI
Neck, thigh, & Wrist Chains-DRD @ LOTI
Necklace-EPIC-Kawaii Goo Necklace-Lime @ LOTI
Watch-EPIC-Kawii Goo Watch-Teal @ LOTI
Dress-REDRUM-Knot Dress-Oops @ LOTI
Knee High Socks-ellemeno-Stripey Socks-Green/Black @ LOTI
Shoes-GEEK-Puddle Hopper Boots-Blue @ LOTI
Guitar-D-Style-Urban @ LOTI
Emote thing-QT PI-Emotecloud-Princess (UNCOMMON) @ LOTI
Skin-Essences-Paris 01-Light Rose @ TDR for 70L
On Elladerp:
Shirt:  1 Hundred. Low Cut Thermal Tee 2. White @ LOTI
Shorts:  ! ellemeno ! boyshorts- floral @ LOTI
Socks:  !ellemeno ! garter stockings (socks) – blue @ LOTI
Shoes:  *Reign.- MaryJanes- Tan @ LOTI
Choker:  :[P]:- Krysis Choker-Maiya:// Smoke @ LOTI
Necklace:  MiWardrobe – Magic Tree – 4*4 – Necklace – Gatcha! – MW @ LOTI
Horns:  .:LH:. Djinn Solid Horns Blue @ LOTI
Hair Bow:  ! ellemeno ! big bow – video games @ LOTI
Belly Jewel:  .:ellabella:. Worth – New Year – stomach RARE @ LOTI
Bracelet:  Intrepid:: Wrapped Bracelet- Sapphire Dreams @ LOTI
Ankle Bows:  :FY: Ankle Bows (teal) @ LOTI
Hair:  Magika [01] Early  :  Magika Main Store
Glasses:  HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses  :  HOC Marketplace Store

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  1. Thanks, babe! We seriously dropped so much L on the silliest things… sometimes, ya just gotta be silly.

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