The Bond Maiden- NEW from THE COUNTDOWN ROOM, DRD, & MORE!

I’ve been trying to extend my The Countdown Room outfits… because they are really great and I want to savor them as much as possible. So, today I’m bringing you the gorgeously sexy gown from  Silk Worms by Trippy Fall, which of course is available at The Countdown Room! The gown comes in a couple colors, but my absolute favorite is the gorgeous olive green shown below. The leather work on the bodice is stunning and in my opinion, perfect. The gown comes with a half skirt and a full skirt… pending on how sexy you’d like to make it. 
I’ve chosen to accessorize the gown with this incredible armor set from DRD by Jaimy Hancroft. I dig it because it’s neither too masculine or too feminine. I really like when designers create things that are androgynous. Also, I’m wearing the Daphne crown & necklace from Sweet Poison by Bella Domela once again, because I can. So, suck it >.<
Oh! One last thing… check out the super fun crazy fantastical awesome bow from Primus Weapons by Primusweapons Pearl. It’s pretty badass… and pretty AND these incredible cuffs from The Forge by the uberly talented, Deccan Arida. ALL are available at The Countdown Room
For a Taxi to The Countdown Room 
(Seriously, get it NOW! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.)
Hair-MILK-Catching Mermaids
Crown & Necklace-Sweet Poison-Daphne (Necklace only available @ TCR)
Ears-Mandala-Fantsy Elf ears
Armor-DRD-Female Armor-Natural
Bow-Primus Weapons-Petiole Bow-Blue @ TCR
Gown-Silk Worms-BondMaid-Green @ TCR
Cuffs-The Forge-Celtic Bangle @ TCR
Body Suit-Una-Cattiva-Brown @ TCR
Hip Bag-ANE-Holster Bag-03 @ The Chapter Four
Boots-Ison-Cult Riding Boots-Tan
Skin-Essecens-Paris 01-Light Rose @ The Dressing Room

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