Sweet Mer- NEWNESS from GENRE!

Calling all Mer! Calling all Mer!
Are you a Mer and you’re down in the dumps because you haven’t had anything new to buy, well look no further! Genre is your one stop shop for all things Mer related.. and don’t you worry Mermen, they’ve got stuff for you too! I’m obviously not a Mer… I’m great at being an Elf… Mermaids? Yeah, they’re outta my comfort zone, HOWEVER I totally flipped my tail (heh) over the gorgeous items at Genre
I thought to last round could not be beat, but Boy! Was I wrong. Seriously…go check out the gorgeous makeup, tails, poses, accessories, and clothing all made for those lovely creatures of the deep. This look is composed of several different items all of which can be found RIGHT NOW at Genre. The main outfit is from Sweet Lies designs ( which of course is perfect in every which way) It includes the fins, different makeups (Including scales), and of course jewelry. Over this, I’ve layered the sweetness that is  the “Galatea” skirt and necklace set from The Library. The set comes in a variety of lovely colors! 
For your Seahorse to GENRE!
Hair-EXILE-Perfect Promise-Naturals pack NEWish
Crown-OAL-Melody Crown @ GENRE
Eyes-a-Mermaid Havila Eyes-Aqua @ GENRE
Scales-ET-Gradient Mer Scales-Ocean Rise @ GENRE
Necklace-Eclectica-Octopus Necklace-Verdigris @ GENRE
Nails-Adorbed-Mermaid Nails @ GENRE
Trident-LJ-Oceanic Trident-Arista @ GENRE
Skirt & Necklace-The Library-Galatea @ GENRE
Main Outfit (Long skirt, Fins, Jewelry)-Sweet Lies Designs-Aqua outfit @ GENRE
Skin-League-Erin-Pale NEW @ The Skin Fair
Poses-HOPSCOTCH-Mer Warrior (Tail) @ GENRE

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lies Factory says:

    I'm really happy with the publications that you're doing, all are awesome, thank you very much for such a fantastic job!

  2. AWE! We love you and your awesomeness!

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