The Minotaur! – New Release from 5th Moon!

My buddy, Thilios stopped by my “studio” to show me his new Minotaur getup and I just had to snap some photos of it’s awesomeness! He said the Blue tattoo layer was a new release from 5th Moon by Karolline Khandr. This is pretty epic. 
To check out her Marketplace!
Avatar-5th Moon-Ukko Minotaur
Tattoo Layer-5th Moon- Celtic Tattoo NEW
Cloak/Chest wrap- PFC-The Hunter – Grizzly
Pucca Firecaster GACHA Prize
Shield-Enigma- Rage Shield Brown (Rare)
:Enigma: GACHA Prize
Belt/Feathered Shin wraps- PFC-Amazon
Underwear- PFC-Jungle Men – Thong
Axe: Warrior Axe

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