Springtime Babe- New from Arwen’s Creations & Magika!

Let me prefer ace this by saying… “No. I’m not pregnant…” Ha! Nope, not me. However, Arwen Serpente, from Arwen’s Creations has released this gorgeous maternity gown in, of course a ton of colors. I mean… a ton. If you don’t know about Arwen’s Creation, then you’ll be happy to find out that she creates all of her creations in a wide range of colors to suit each and every one of us. Mm hm. 
Now, this came out a couple weeks ago…and somehow I missed it! Ugh. I hate when that happens… DESIGNERS, if I miss something, hit me upside the head. Anyway, back to the dress. I purchased the dress in a few colors and Arwen sent me the one below because she’s my love dovie. Thanks Arwen!
The color below is called “Pink Orchid” and the gown is called, “Soon”. As with all of Arwen’s clothing, it’s richly textured and perfect for the time period. I felt so pretty in this dress… le sigh. I’ve paired it with the “Lady’s Favor” set by Tala Laval of [LJ] that was out the last round of We ❤ RP. I didn’t get the opportunity to blog it then, but I thought it fit perfectly with the idea of a nesting Queen watching her handsome King in a Tournament. I’m not 100% sure it’s still available, but it was so popular then, I’d bet on it being in the mainstore. 
FINALLY! Magicka, released a new hair called, “Shine” and it’s pretty spectacular. It’s a bit girlish, but I love that. The little wavy tendrils and long braids make this perfect for Medieval/Fantasy RP. I bought the Fades Hud, which is HUD 3, but it also comes in solid colors. 
For your Magika carpet to Magika
For a ride to Arwen’s Creations
For a cab to [LJ]
Hair- Magika-Shine-HUD 3 NEW
Hair sticks-May’s Soul-Loto Hair stick-Gold
Crown-Keystone-Moraghs Crown-Limited Edition
Gown, Necklace, & Circlet-Arwen’s Creations-Soon-Pink Orchid NEWish
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
Accessories-Embroidery Hoop, Needle, & Favor-[LJ]-Lady’s Favor-Tudor Rose

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  1. swaggor says:

    Really love this post. Also, I updated a link to your blog on Swaggor. 🙂

  2. GIRL! You too good to me. HA! Thanks so much!


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