Ella’s Corner! March’s Thrifty Finds!

Alrighty, folks! Welcome to Ella’s Corner, on the Fantasy Fae Fashion blog! This is the first try for a new segment for Ella’s Corner that I would like to post once a month called Thrifty Finds! Not all the kinks have been worked out with my method yet, but with some tweaking, hopefully it will become a worthy edition! 
What I’ll be doing is searching the marketplace, and possibly in world, for inexpensive, good quality outfit pieces. This month I’ve sought newer items on the first five pages of the MP, between zero and ten lindens. Searches were done in Apparel, Avatar Accessories, and Avatar Components.

Next time, though, I’ll likely increase the search price to under 50L, and stick to composing one or two complete outfits only. In either case it’s been a fantastic learning experience, and I came away from it with some nice looking skins and a few great pieces for future outfits!

On a side note! two of these outfits, the second and fourth, were paired with jewelry found at the Treasure Market! The Treasure Market is a new event, located next to the Mirage Main store! There were not too many participants yet, though hopefully once it becomes known to more it will grow in popularity for both designers and customers. It runs through out the weekend and will be updated every Friday!

*All located under 10L on the Marketplace unless otherwise indicated!*
Outfit 1
Hair – FaiRodis_Yliya_Hair_Blonde_Group_Gift – (0L$ Purchase the LM to the main store on MP and join the free group to receive the group gift!)
Dress – Luxury Golden Dress (5L$)
Stockings – *318* School Tights Black (0L$)
Necklace – Zyn ~ Wishbone Necklace -Pearl (0L$)
Ring – Fashion Ring – Pearl Big (9L$)
Shoes – 50 Clubwear Star High Heels Silvers (1L$)
Skin – Basil Skin (10L$)
Makeup – .:Glamorize:. Chocolate Mood Lips (5L$)
– .:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliner (4L$)
Outfit 2
Top – p o l a r o i d s . Tee Supergirl (5L$)
Stockings – T7E – Dipped! Thigh High Socks: Cream (0L$)
Undies – YC_white lingerie (1L$)
Skin – Poppy Skin (10L$)
Jewlery – *~ DT ~* The Innocence Circlet and Necklace in Silver – Treasure Market
Outfit 3
Hair Accessory – [LoLo] Senorita Hair Clip (10L$)
Stockings – *318* Ballet Tights White (0L$)
Top – M&W Gear Gift Vintage Blouse (0L$)
Eyes – * InkHeart* – March Eyes – Angel (9L$)
Makeup – .:Glamorize:. Nude Mood Lips (5L$)
Skin – Basil Skin (10L$)
Outfit 4
Shirt – :SS: Vintage Love Sweater Pink Mesh (10L$)
Undies/Stockings – Kiss me black outfit (10L$)
Eyes – Amacci Zenith Eyes ~ Twilight (0L$)
Makeup – .::FR::. PINK corruption face tat promo (1L$)
Skin – NIKA [LovelyPhantom] Dark (0L$)
Jewlery – ~IT~ Torque Silver Set Jewlery Box Rev – Treasure Market
Outfit 5
Sweater – sweter dress white (5L$)
Eyes – Amacci Zenith Eyes ~ Twilight (0L$)
Makeup – .:Glamorize:. Nude Mood Lips (5L$)
– .:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliner (4L$)
Skin – NIKA [LovelyPhantom] (0L$)
I also wanted to highlight the skins in their natural forms!. The first three shown above are from the NIKA [LovelyPhantom] pack! They, a dark, medium, and light tone, are sold as a set on Marketplace for free! So thanks to LovelyPhantom for the giftie! The fourth skin pictured is called Basil Skin, and the fifth is Poppy Skin. Both of these lovely pieces, along with many other items, are sold in the Marketplace store Statement, owned by Wildcrush! Both skins were offered for 10L, and well worth it! Though Statement also has many well-made items below 50L to view, so check them out! Once my Thrifty Finds criteria has changed, i’m sure we’ll be seeing more from them! Also, all three skin sets come with shapes!

Lastly, here are a few of my Thrifty Finds paired with other pieces from my inventory! The necklace above was also from my Thrifty Finds search, but was misplaced in my inventory, so it didn’t make it into the main pic.

*CREDITS Part 2!*

Outfit 6
Necklace – *P*Necklace-1 (0L$)
Dress – Luxury Golden Dress (5L$)
Skin – Basil Skin (10L$)

Hair – .Olive. the Felicity Hair – Caliber88
Pants – Gawk! Camel Coarser Denim – Gawk! MP store
Eye patch – .Shi : Patch Mechanics 4.4 – Arcade Gacha
Headband – .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Flowerband pastel Rare – Gacha item at .Enfant Terrible. Main Store
Shirt – AP – Yarr Shirt – Apricot Paws MP store
Boots – ~CD~ Espen Boot – Cellar Door MP Store
Eyes – IKON Promise – IKON Main Store

*Whew!* Thanks for reading! I think i need a drink! (XD)

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