A Rough Morning…

…Okay, so…
I’ve had a rough morning. Seriously. I thought it was going to be a fantastic morning! I got up around 8 am, made myself some coffee, and sat down to begin blogging some of the looks I prepared the night before. Mm hm… it was looking good, until I was called out in my RP’s Public chat. Seriously? By someone I don’t even know… So freaking weird. 
Things like that tend to ruin my entire day if I allow it to. I thought, if I write it out… blog it out, really… I’d feel better. I mean, all of you are so supportive and I completely appreciate it. I really do love you guys. It seems some of you who read this blog, always make me feel better when ya IM me in world. 
I just don’t understand why others feel the need to hurt others in order to make themselves feel better. I mean… I would think it would make you feel worse? I can’t imagine being so mean to someone and NOT feeling shitty about it. My OOC/IC family are the same… and we all live together in an awesome compound and it really is a safe space. We encourage one another to always speak out if we’re feeling bad or upset… we support one another.
Le sigh…
Anyway, I thought I needed a spa day so I slapped on my CHELLE Avocado face mask and cool cucumbers, rolled my hair in some hot rollers, and laid back in my bathtub… I suggest you do the same. Lazy Saturday. 

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