The Lone Wolf

Before I start my post I want to just let everyone know that in addition to the posts that I am doing for this blog with Sorcha (all things fantasy), I have started my own blog specifically for men in SL called The Naughty Prim. Please check it out if you get a chance.  I only have a couple of posts so far, but that will be my place to post all of my non-fantasy musings. Also, if you have time please feel free to follow me on my Flickr!

One of the things I enjoy doing in SL, is role playing. I started back in about 2009, and did so badly. For those of you who are role players, imagine someone coming in, emoting as if there was no difference between them and their character and adding a 🙂 at the end of the post. Pretty sure I even role played about some SL stuff going on with an ex partner of mine. So really, it was the stuff novels are made of. 
Recently, I have found myself RPing a wolf at a sim called Mystara. I would try to take a photo of him there, but the graphics are so photo intense (and amazing) that it causes me to crash about four times every ten minutes I am there unless my settings are on low. But if you ever get the chance, go and observe the sim. It is so beautifully done. The elven city, specifically, is amazing. Technically I have two characters on this sim. One is an elf named Orpheus and this here is my wolf, Voltaire. Both are similar in appearance as I have a few features that I have combined from each, but they dress differently. 
On Voltaire:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Teeloh  – Chocolate
Crown: [The Forge] – Antler Crown – Worn Bronze
Mask: PFC – Assassin Mask (white) *note: the white can be tinted*
War Paint: .Oh!Liv. – WarPaint *Inova* – (Mud)
Face Scar: FuQd – face scar
Necklace: JOMO – Tibetan jewelry 05A
Chest Piece: [The Forge] – Chest Harness Male – (Brown)
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] – Pillars (Darker)
Cape: PFC – Reaper – Cape 
Arm Bandages: PFC – Thrall – Bandage arm 
Bow: !LR – Black Forest Bow 
Pants: PFC – Reaper – Pants
Foot Bandages: PFC – Thrall – Bandage foot

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