Fantasy Wolves

Recently, I have been RPing over at Mystara and I have had the honor of pledging the wolf pack on sim. My character is a warrior, and due to this I have him decorated in furs and carrying his bow. This little lady to my right, is  a rogue wolf from the tribe of the Black Furies. For those of you unfamiliar with the fantasy wolf genre, the Black Furies is group of female warrior wolves that are known to actually trade male pups for female pups as a means to raise an entirely female pack. Well, that is minus the sterile males called Metis that are produced when two Garou wolves mate. And this Black Fury? Well, she is pretty bad ass. 
On me:
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Erik
Head Piece: [Little Tasta] Twig Headpiece 1 Narcissi
Chest Belt: *T.E.D-Ego*- Draken SLV Set – Chestbelt
Fur Cape: PFC – The Hunter – Cerberus (RARE)
Bow: !LR – Black Forest Bow 
Pants: The Fallen – Outrider Pants – Black
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer – Black Sheep Dirty
On her:
Wolf Hat: The Library – The Wolf (brown *tinted in photograph*) – @ The Enchantment Fair
Eye Makeup: Corvus – Fighter Eyeshadow
Earings: ~Soedara~ Strength of Atikamekew Earring Feathers
Upper Arm Bracelets: The Forge – Boadicea’s Bracelets
Necklace: MishMash – Winetou Necklace w/ Shadow
Pauldron’s: .la petite morte. – gothic victorian epaulette
Vest: Peqe – Long Fur Vest
Gloves: ~Soedara~ – Strength of Atikamekw Gloves
Bandeau: May’s Soul – Packme Outfit Top
Blades: LR Mazar – schimitar sheath L
Pants: May’s Soul – Packme Outfit Capri Pant
Leg Pouch: DRD – Legpouch FEMALE medieval
Boots: .: royvolter :. – Maja Shark Boot

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  1. I love this, Chance. Seriously… amazing.

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