Final Fantasy-New from the Final Fantasy Festival!

I swooped by the Final Fantasy Festival last night and picked up some adorably awesome clothes and accessories! My absolute favorite items are from Junbug… Juno always makes the most amazing clothes, but this best and these thigh high boots are truly spectacular. 
The boots come in two colors and the Vest comes in even more colors! I picked up the Ink and Crimson because I figured I can layer it over other items and wear them around Mystara. My character would totally wear these vest… They’re so fancy and fun!
I suppose my look came out ‘priratesque’… I dunno. It must be the hair, which is from TRUTH at Collabor88. The head bands changes colors as does the hair, pending on which pack you purchase. Underneath the vest I’m wearing the new look from Severed Garden called “Isa”AND what is so awesome about “Isa” is both the skirt and top come with a hud to change the textures and colors! Gah! I love this… it makes you feel truly unique plus… look how totally sexy it makes me look. 
The Final Fantasy Festival also features a ton of fun Gacha machines for the gambler in all of us… >.<
For your Magical Teleport to The Final Fantasy Festival!
Hair-Truth-Electra @ Collabor88
Eyes-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Hazel
Skin & Makeup-Glam Affair-Sylvia-America @ Collabor88
Necklace-.:elabella:.-Bauable 1 2 3 @ Final Fantasy Fest
Earrings-.:ellabella:.-Bauble 1 2 3 @ Final Fantasy Fest
.:ellabella:.-Materia-Simple @ Final Fantasy Fest
Ears-Madala-Fantasy Elf Ears
Vest-Jubug-Akan-Kun-Red @ Final Fantasy Fest
Top & Skirt-Severed Garden-Isa
Belt- UNA-BeltPocket-Black-RARE @ Final Fantasy Fest
Staff-Blah-My Swirly Wooden Rod-COMMON @ Final Fantasy Fest
Boots-Junbug-Akan-Kun-Thigh High Boots-Black
Poses-Glitterati-Cute Pack

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