The Good Queen Bess-NEW from Aisling!

Check out this incredible gown from Pure Poison. Now I had never heard of this Label in SL until yesterday, when I was scrolling through flickr and came across this gown on Kynne L’s page. I knew I had to have it… I wandered over to the store and was uber excited to try this on. Needless to say, I walked out with my hands full of shopping bags, because you can’t just buy one thing. 
I’ve paired this with Aisling’s new release titles “Godelieve”. Isn’t it incredible? Now, I’ve worn it as if it’s floating just on my curls, but it’s meant to be worn close to the scalp and it’s stunning. In true Aisling fashion, Drunnah gives you a hud to pick and choose your colors to your hearts desire. I’m so happy! I’m not sure if I’m going to wear this today… but… I’m sorely tempted. we’ll see!
for a TP to Aisling
for a TP to Pure Poison.
Headdress-Aisling-Godelieve NEW
Necklace-Luminary-Boleyn ‘s’
Torch-TBF 10L on Marketplace >.<
Gown&Collar-Pure Poison-Queen Elisabeth NEW
Location-MY HOUSE!

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