OOTD-2/10/14-NEW from TWA & Aisling

Okay…listen up. 
I have two very important things to announce!
The first! I’ve been asked by numerous people to do an OOTD or an Outfit Of The Day. It’s exactly what it says… it’s what I’m wearing to Role Play in today… It may be new items, which I’ll always credit or it may be super old things that I simply refuse to give up. 
Second! Please welcome Chance Toki! This handsome fellow is our new Author for the blog, that will be blogging his handsome self in awesome Male Fantasy Fashions! I really think this will be awesome for the blog and a male’s perspective is always needed… so, please give him a HUGE welcome with some comments!
Also… If there is ever anything in particular you’d like us to cover, please let us know! Either comment us or email us at Sorchasfantasyfashion@gmail.com
P.S. Would you like to see giveaways or contest?
Hair-D!va-Averil (MVW 2014)-Onyx
Crown-Asiling-Faranth-Ultra rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Necklace-Aisling-Faranth Collar- rare @ The fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bracers-Aisling-Faranth-Common @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Belt-Aisling-Tiernan @ We ❤ RP NEW
Rings-Aisling-Zevzak @ We ❤ RP NEW
Gown-TWA (The White Armory)-Sweet Fantasy Gown-Unforgettable NEW NEW NEW

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