All In A Day’s Work….-NEW From the Fantasy Room!

Happy Monday!
It’s very rare to see me in something remotely Gorean… I’ve never really experienced the Lifestyle or played in Gorean Sims, so my knowledge is solely based off of Gorean Fashion blogs. The Fantasy Room was created by a handful of awesome SL Designers, most of which specialize in Gorean Fashions. So, of course the event was going to have a ton of Gorean inspired clothing, poses, and accessories all for sale. Thus, I’ve created a little Ode to the Gorean!
I’ve already shown you the gowns from Luas, Teri, & OAL and most of the poses from Axix and I was messing around yesterday with some of the awesome decor I found at the Fantasy Room Event. P.S. I’d totally love to see more home decor. My property in SL is used as an extension of the sim I Role Play in, so… it’s a medieval home with medieval furnishings…(My daughter is the decorator, all credit goes to her, Ellamae Sorcha Caitrinn Sliebheen Eylwindir. I know. Longest name ever… that’s without her father’s name, too.) So, of course I was excited when I rezzed the objects from  United InshCon! My favorite piece is the Cat sitting on the stone, watching the birds. UBER CUTE! Oh! And their Gacha items made me giggle with happiness… they are little glass bottles with different scenes in them, like a Graveyard, birds, and so on… Check them out —->HERE<—-

Hair-Truth-Tyr-Naturals NEW
Eyes-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Hazel w/ bright off
Tunic-Sweet Poison-Sasha @ The Fantasy Room
Bracers-Sweet Poison-Sasha @ The Fantasy Room
Pose-Axix-Captured- Pose 1 w/ props @ The Fantasy Room
Decor-United InshCon-Cat On Stone @ The Fantasy Room

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