Once A Princess…-New from JUNBUG & Enfant Terrible!

So… It was a rough start for the We ❤ RP event… Not that there were not shoppers. Just the opposite. Too many shoppers! ACK! So… it was lagtastic for about two hours, but it calmed down once the sim owner finally dropped the Avi count to 50. Phew! It wasn’t the We ❤ RP' Staff's fault… Nope. It was just a silly Sim Owner miscommunication. 
But, it’s all better and YAY!!!! OMG. I am so happy with everything I purchased. Juno Mantel of JUNBUG contributed this gorgeous gown aptly named, “Adele’s Secret” . It’s a sweeping floor length gown, that hangs off the shoulder and hugs the hips nicely. It comes in eleven colors, which are:
Blush, Canary, Cream, Ivory, sky, Mint, Cobalt, Hot Pink, Ink, Lavender, and Lust.
I’m wearing the blush… and though you can’t see my shoes… I’m wearing the ‘Blush’ Lady’s slippers from Deviance. So cute! You can check them out —->HERE<—-
And Finally! I’m showing off the awesome Candle Light Dinner Wings, Bracelets, and Necklace by Enfant Terrible for the L´accessoires gacha. These are so creative and fun! I was so excited to prance around in these like a silly Princess. Seriously… L’Enfant is so creative. The wings are RARES and the bracelets and necklaces are COMMONS. 
L´accessoires gacha Event opens February 8th!

Hair-MILK-Queen of the Court-Blacks @ We ❤ RP
Crown-Tea.S-Her Reign-Silver @ We ❤ RP
Gown-Junbug-Adele’s Secret-Blush @ We ❤ RP
Accessories- Enfant Terrible-Candle Light Dinner Wings, Necklace, & Bracelets -Silver @ 
L´accessoires gacha

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